How to go Zero-Plastic


Minimalism has passionately sparked a new interest in me, and I think many others come to a similar point too. For some it may spark veganism, all natural, zero-waste, or another topic. What all of these have in common however is that they promote the conservation of the planet and or your well-being and health. I have created this list of easy and simple ways you can incorporate a “zero-plastic” lifestyle in your life today:

  • Replace plastic bags for reusable totes. Keep these handy in your car or purse for groceries, shopping and more. My local bank gave me this canvas one, but you can find these pretty much anywhere and with different materials or patterns too!
  • Breakup with plastic water bottles. Instead opt for a reusable glass water bottle. I don’t know about you but water tastes so much better and cooler from glass, plus it is healthier. After doing a bit of research, I purchased this one from the brand Contigo at Target. I was afraid since it was glass it would break, but it is actually very sturdy with its protective cover and does not leak. I love adding lemon wedges or strawberries for a natural taste…and because it looks cute.
  • DIY your own utensils kit. Instead of using and throwing away flimsy plastic cutlery from restaurants, you can choose one spoon, fork, and knife from home wrapped in a reusable napkin and store it in your purse.
  • Shop secondhand and do good. Buying new items from the shelves come with plastic wrap or packaging…waste that ends up in landfills. I recently started online thrift shopping on ThredUp. The clothing comes in recyclable cardboard boxes or envelopes and I love that many of the items are in like new condition, sometimes with tags still on! If online isn’t your thing, local thrift stores often have very good sales for unique and good condition items ranging from clothes to home goods.

Has minimalism sparked a new area of interest for any of you? I feel that there are countless and they branch out. I’m not even sure if I just made “zero-plastic” up from zero-waste lol.

(Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way. All opinions and recommendations are completely my own.)


5 thoughts on “How to go Zero-Plastic

  1. My favorite is to buy produce form the farmer’s market. It doesn’t come in little plastic containers and most use paper bags for produce which can be reused or recycled.

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    1. I also love seeing when people use reusable paper bags or bring their own reusable totes to the market and stores!


  2. Big push to eliminate plastic straws, especially by asking restaurants NOT to put one in your water. Lots of places automatically use them and lots of places are starting to encourage an end to that. At home, I bought a stainless steel straw (wide) and a cleaning brush so I can drink my smoothies without using plastic straws.

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  3. Thanks for sharing about the PLASTIC. I know that I can do better in this area. No I am not beating myself up over this but one little change a day can become big changes later on. Thanks for the ideas.

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    1. You’re welcome, and thanks for reading and taking the time to comment on such an important issue. I feel that everyone can always improve, even myself. It gets hard when others around you are not as equally concerned and will use or give you plastic cups, plates, etc. I agree, you should be proud if you can do one impactful thing a day to reduce your plastic-waste 🙂


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